DAVE MILLER (Oregon, USA) Review of Astronomical Minds by Ted Gerrard


Firstly I was highly skeptical of anything claiming to be "the true longitude story" but on reading, it would seem that the author has succeeded incredibly well in telling a tale few if any will have heard before. From hidden messages to naval conspiracies along with a consistent and well researched narration.

I have to say I did enjoy the book and highly recommend it to any other out there who for some reason or anther might wish to hear an accurate entertaining tale of Newton and Halley.




COLIN WATSON (London, UK) Review of Astronomical Minds by Ted Gerrard

Wisely,the author sets out his stall on the cover of his book ; it's a tale of much more than astronomical investigation. The story covers a century of science, scandal, and personal and political intrigue set against a background of the struggle for dominance at sea between the principal European powers.


Real life villains and heroes crowd the pages as Man tries to find his place - literally - on our watery planet. 'Lost At Sea' seemed to be the sailor's common predicament as well as his likely fate. Ted GERRARD leads us through the quest to solve the outstanding navigational riddle confronting seafarers.


The answer lies in the stars - but how to tease it out ? The author does not spare the chief protagonists, and shows us their failures, frailties and vices alongside their brilliance and genius. GERRARD brings erudition and enthusiasm to his exciting account, and some surprising conclusions.


There are good illustrations throughout and the 11 Appendices offer background and detail for the serious reader, while serving to keep the main narrative flowing. A good read, perhaps a salutary one, for our SatNav generation! I look forward to the next in the trilogy.