In 1981 the Scottish Research Group published a book by Ted Gerrard titled Instinctive Navigation of Birds – incorporating a section Bird Navigation; the Sterile Controversy. Printed by Famedram, advertised in birding journals and sold in bookshops in UK and USA, this was soon out of print.


Still on the “animal” navigation theme, Ted Gerrard more recently wrote Astronomical Minds, published in 2007 by Samos Books, followed by a junior “version” The Boffin Bird 2 years later. The final book in The Navigator Trilogy was always intended as an update for Instinctive Navigation of Birds, making use of many of the original hand drawn diagrams. The title The Cuckoo Paradox was triggered by a logically impossible conclusion published in a leading scientific journal. “… we know that from many years of investigation of long-distance navigation in birds that at least some birds do have GPS - but we are uncertain how it works”.


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NEW PUBLICATION The Cuckoo Paradox Discover why migrant birds cannot use compasses to navigate.
Astronomical Minds The True Longitude Story.
The Boffin Bird An intelligent life form inhabiting a planet in a distant solar system comes within a cat’s whisker of destroying itself.



Astronomical Minds The Boffin Bird The Cuckoo Paradox
Astronomical Minds The Boffin Bird The Cuckoo Paradox
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